John Darnell began his working life in professional photography over 50 years ago with commercial and industrial photographers in London.
Back then colour was a luxury and apart from one or two colour shots most jobs were 5x4 B&W with many hours spent in the darkroom churning out hundreds of ‘identical’ copies; all to be dried and glazed before delivery to the client.

Things have changed and so did John’s career when he went into Television; also, in those days, only Black &White!
During his TV career, first as a cameraman then as a director of programmes, such as Rainbow, Emmerdale, Coronation Street, The Bill & Casualty, John continued his love and passion for photography and creating images.

This was expressed for many years using medium format cameras with transparency or negative film and darkroom processing. In more recent times this moved to scanning those film images and printing through a computer, up to the present where the majority of images (but not all) are captured on digital SLR cameras and processed through the computer; finally making archival prints (Giclee) onto acid free fine art papers using pigment inks.